Coming of Age Day is celebrated in the month of January which falls on the second Monday of the month. This day is celebrated as a national holiday, especially for those people who have just stepped into adulthood. This day is special for every person as they move one step ahead of being a responsible member of the society. Earlier the Coming of Age Day was celebrated on January 15th but later in 2000 it was revised to the second Monday of January.

There is a special ceremony hosted by the municipal government of Japan on the Coming of Age Day for adults who have turned 20 years old. In Japan if a person is 20 years old, he/she is known to be an adult. People who have just turned twenty have the right to vote, they are also permitted to smoke and drink. Other than these things, this age is full of responsibilities as well; therefore in the Japanese culture this age is given a lot of importance. It is like stepping into a more realistic world and facing different situations.