Come take a free demo lesson and discuss your needs with us.

The free demo is just that, FREE! No strings attached. Of course we hope that those who apply for the free demo lesson are seriously thinking to study as well.

Here is a bit a information for you, concerning our operating hours, times and locations. You can also visit our website at: for more details

Lesson days: Weekdays, Monday ~ Friday (no lessons on weekends or national holidays)

Locations: Yoyogi- Hachiman // Tokyo LS // Yokohama LS // Kawasaki LS // Ikebukuro LS Shinagawa LS // Umeda LS // Kyoto LS // Kobe LS // Nagoya LS // Sakae LS // Jiyugaoka LS

Time: 09:00 ~ 19:00 (times may differ at the LS, contact us for more information)

Contact: for more information