Japanese phrase of the day!

The best way to learn a new language is to use it as much as possible. As our language program puts direct focus on conversation skills, we have decided to start our new “Japanese Phrase of the Day” series to introduce to you, new and hopefully useful phrases that you can practice throughout the day. Please give them a try! Of course, we welcome you to come visit our school if you are interested in studying on a regular basis under the guidance of one of our professional teachers. We look forward to hearing from you. Now on to today’s phrase:

August 23, 2011
How was your vacation? (休みはどうでしたか)

マービン: かんのさん、しばらく。(Oh, long time no see)

かんの: あ、しばらくですねえ。おやすみはどうでしたか。(How was your holiday?)

マービン: 楽しかったです。山梨に 行きました。(I went to Yamanashi, it was fun.)

かんの: あ、山梨ですか。ひとりで?(Did you go alone?)

マービン: いえ、 かのじょといきました。(No, I went with my girlfriend.)

かんの: そうですか。山梨は どうでしたか。(Oh, how was it?)

マービン: 山も みずうみも すごく きれいでした。(The mountains and lakes were really beautiful.)

かんの: そうですか。よかったですね。おみやげは?(Oh, I see. That sounds good. Did you buy me a souvenir?)

マービン:ごめんなさい、わすれました。(I’m sorry, I forgot.)