10/08: Marvin

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Posted by: mdangerfield
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Marvin "Big Boy" Dangerfield

I've been a loyal Jaba student for a couple years now and I must say the Instructor's are the greatest. I consider myself a very difficult customer, as I speak the language, but need to improve on grammar and structure.

The staff and instructor are all willing to adjust the lessons based on my various requests and I must say the price is right.

I've taken lessons with various instructors and have enjoyed each and every lesson. The instructors are very professional and friendly.

I have a do recommend Jaba lessons to beginners and advanced students. The customization is second to none.

06/06: Ben

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Posted by: mokamura
Ben "Baz" Turton

I've been taking Jaba lessons for over 18 months. I started on the business course, and then switched to conversational Japanese.

Soon I will be taking the Kanji course. This is really important for me as my needs change all the time.

The staff are really helpful and supportive of making sure I am always satisfied with the lesson plan and they offer a great variety of instructors to match these changes too.

I've studied at other schools in the past and the lessons were basically just 2 or 3 hours of listening. Jaba is interactive and conversational so it's never boring and there's always a great energy in the lessons.

I am completely satisfied and will keep taking lessons here until I master this language!

30/05: Heather

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Posted by: mokamura
Heather "Love" Jones

When I first started working in Japan I wanted to brush up on the skills I learned in high school and college. It had been a long time since I’d studied Japanese so I was a bit nervous about jumping in again and feeling a bit foolish.

This could not have been further from the truth. My Jaba teachers never make me feel foolish for making mistakes or saying something a bit strange. I always feel like I can communicate better after taking a Jaba lesson.

Looking back on my past two years of Jaba lessons I can see my improvement. I have not only completely brushed up my skills, but I have went far and above what I expected.

I know I will continue to see improvement and I would recommend Jaba to anyone from beginner to advanced. It is a fun experience with great people. Win win.

31/05: Scott

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Posted by: administrator
Scott "The Traveler" Atkinson

"I have been studying at Jaba for a little over a year now. I started in the Crash Japanese class and had a blast learning katakana and hiragana.

I take my hat off to the great instructors I have had, and they all have been so patient with me as I have stumbled through the kana and grammar!

I am now taking a high beginner and kanji class and am really motivated to be a better communicator. It was so worth the effort and commitment and there is so much genuine satisfaction in learning.

I get a real kick out of making full sentences and being able to write in Japanese and to learn about Japanese culture from my instructors."

31/05: John

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Posted by: jcsesznegi
John "Papa" DeKnock

“In the beginning, what now feels like a long time ago, a friend recommended taking the Jaba lessons. He said they were fun, convenient and more affordable than anything else he had tried in the past.

When I joined I found this to be true and so I have been recommending all of my friends to also start Jaba classes.

The curriculum is relevant. The teachers are friendly and fun. They are willing to adapt to the clients’ personalities and interests and listen to their requests regarding pace, corrections and activities you undertake in class.”